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June 5th thru 8th, 2023
Inter American Conference
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Volunteering Development Platform (VODPLA)

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VODPLA is part of the Volunteering Development Support Center of the Americas. This Support Center is a key result of the efforts and strategies in the Americas region to provide better services to National Societies. This initiative was developed in consultation with the National Societies.

IFRC Learning Platform

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The Red Cross Red Crescent Learning platform is an online learning community for National Society volunteers and staff, as well as partners and the general public. It delivers free, high-quality, multilingual Red Cross Red Crescent and other learning opportunities to support the personal and professional development of volunteers and staff.

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GO is a new web platform developed by the IFRC to connect information on emergency needs with the right response. The platform channels information on emerging crises from field reports from National Societies and automatic links to notifications from humanitarian partners, as well as provides a way to organise key information from ongoing emergency operations, including situation reports, surge deployment alerts, contacts and dashboards etc.

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The world is witnessing record levels of migration and displacement, posing some of the most significant humanitarian challenges of modern time. Across the globe, people who migrate or are displaced from their homes face unacceptable risks and too often are deprived of the humanitarian assistance and protection they need to ensure their safety, dignity and rights.

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