• Pre-Hurricane Conferece

Strategic alliances between Private Sector & Red Cross National Societies

Together with academic, corporate and humanitarian actors, the Red Cross work in the Americas to understand better the risks that communities face and the way in which the disaster’s curve behaves.

Creating synergies and believing in the power of co-creation is at the core of the collaborative work between the Red Cross and the private sector, a key stakeholder in disaster response. This joint action builds on three main pillars: trust, long-term thinking focused on the resilience of communities, and flexible and complementary action.

A successful case is the collaboration with Airbnb. Thanks to a woman named Michelle, who offered her home free of charge to support those affected by an emergency, an initiative to support people hit by disasters was activated. Now, when a disaster streaks, Airbnb members in several countries can offer shelter and open their homes and their hearts to those in need, including Red Cross volunteers deployed to provide humanitarian assistance.

The Disaster Fighters project was presented during the session to illustrate how new strategies can be created to engage people, using new platforms and creative content such as campaigns that foster community participation, and music that keeps people informed and call them to action. This initiative by the World Bank uses social media platforms and digital content that helps communities getting prepared to face the 2021 hurricane season.

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