• Pre-Hurricane Conferece

IFRC Logistics in the Americas

In the Logistics session of the Pre-Hurricane Conference, the IFRC team in the Americas spoke about the different response mechanisms from the management of the humanitarian supply chain. 'We do not always know the quantity, when, and what elements are going to be needed, so the response systems must be prepared to respond and serve the communities,' explained Maricio Bustamante, Director of Humanitarian Services and Management of the Supply Chain of the International Federation.

In the appeals or DREF (Disaster Relief Emergency Funds) documents, it is very important that the Humanitarian Supply Chain team describes the logistics and supply chain tasks with the greatest amount of detail and budget to make possible the movement of merchandise, to make it possible for it to reach families and people who need it. The items or articles that are part of the response can be found in the this catalog is a guide that at the time of an emergency should be brought down to the local reality.

During the session, the Salvadoran Red Cross shared its experience of going through a process of joint work with the IFRC’s Logistics Unit.

Finally, IFRC’s Logistic Unit Manager, Stephany Murillo, explained how the Humanitarian Hub for the Americas, based in Panama, works. In this hub, stock of different materials is pre-positioned, to respond to emergencies in an agile way. From the hub, the supply chain and information management are coordinated, purchasing and supplier management is carried out, among other tasks.

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