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IAC 2023: Local solutions to global challenges

The 22nd Inter-American Conference (IAC) will take place in Nassau, Bahamas, June 5-8, 2023, and is expected to be attended by approximately 130 people, including representatives from 34 Red Cross National Societies in the region.


What are the objectives of the conference?

  1. Promote cooperation and networking among Red Crosses in the region around common humanitarian concerns and challenges.

  2. Position and show the added value of the Red Cross network as an auxiliary to governments.

  3. Agree on common strategies for the implementation in the region of the decisions of the General Assembly, the Council of Delegates and the International Conference.

  4. To formulate proposals for the Governing Board on matters related to the General Assembly and the statutory bodies of the Movement.

The objectives of the conference are integrated transversally in all the thematic lines, and in the organization of the event. In particular, the second objective stands out as an innovative aspect of this conference; the idea of positioning and showcasing the added value of National Societies is central to all discussions.

Given the objectives of the conference, the following topics will be prioritized for the plenary sessions and workshops:

Main topic:

Leadership and sustainability: local solutions to global challenges

Thematic Leader: Canadian Red Cross

IFRC Support: William Parra

Thematic lines:

Climate and environmental crises

Thematic Leader: Jamaica Red Cross IFRC Support: Nadia Ortega and Keisha Sandy

Migration and Identity

Thematic Leader: Mexican and Panama Red Cross

IFRC Support: José Félix Rodríguez

Growing gaps in Health and Wellness

Thematic Leader: Colombian and Ecuadorian Red Cross

IFRC Support: Pedro Porrino

Inspiration to mobilize volunteers and youth

Thematic Leader: Argentine Red Cross

IFRC Support: Andrés Morales

Legal standards on disasters and humanitarian action

Thematic Leader: Honduran Red Cross

IFRC Support: Sophie Teyssier and Jessie Jordan

Leveraging States: The Auxiliary Role

Thematic Leader: Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross

IFRC Support: Stacy Cummings and Sophie Teyssier

Integrity, ensuring trust and accountability

Thematic Leader: Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross

IFRC Support:Juan Garland


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